Sutton St Edmund grower prepares harvest

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As harvest gets nearer, the crops are generally looking better than we could have wished for earlier in the year.

We are busy preparing ourselves, our machinery and equipment for the approaching harvest.

The crops are about two to three weeks later than average due to the cold spring weather.

This will mean we will have very little time post-harvest before we will need to be establishing our next run of crops.

We have to be very well planned and organised at this busy time of year to get jobs done on time and give crops the best start for next

Hopefully, if the weather is with us, this should all work out to plan.

However, we don’t need much bad weather to upset our well-laid plans and disrupt the nomal flow of work on the farm.

Our chicken sheds are due to be cleaned out during August this year, and that means extra work at an already very busy time.

The chickens have not liked the recent hot weather and egg production has fallen as the older chickens have struggled in the heat.

As with many of us, extremes of weather – whether it is hot or cold, wet or dry – affects all living things, and that means farmed or wild animals in the countryside.

It certainly has been an extremely hard time for all.