Sutton Bridge campaigners: ‘Don’t leave us open to incinerator bid’

Campaigners say one power station is enough for one small settlement like Sutton Bridge.
Campaigners say one power station is enough for one small settlement like Sutton Bridge.
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Campaigners in Sutton Bridge want cast iron guarantees that land at Wingland can never again be eyed-up by companies who want to build incinerators or biomass power stations.

Residents fought off an application for a wood-burning, biomass power station when great-granny Shirley Giles took the district council to the High Court and won.

South Holland District Council originally gave consent for the power plant, but the court ruled its decision was flawed – and, finally, in March last year the council refused the application from EnergyPark Sutton Bridge.

The Wash and Sutton Bridge Protection Group (WASPG) says the Wingland site must be protected by the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan with a designation that makes it impossible for any type of incinerator or power station to be built there.

WASPG chairman Colin Blundell said: “It is, of course, good to see that the area of proposed development on the Wingland site has been much reduced, but it is not good enough to define the remainder of the site simply as ‘countryside’.

“It seems that anything can be built on what’s called ‘countryside’ – there is therefore no guarantee that what might be built there in the future will not be of the same order as the now rejected incinerator.”

Mr Blundell said the Sutton Bridge protestors were at one time advised by district council planning chairman Coun Roger Gambba-Jones to get Wingland de-classified and re-designated as strictly ‘agricultural land’ with guaranteed protection from development.

The campaign group would now like to see that written into the local plan.

Mr Blundell said: “Sutton Bridge is one of the smallest of the five major towns in South Holland, but has the largest amount of industry, for example, the so-called ‘one-off current power station’ which sets a precedent for other ‘one off’ unplanned developments.”

There’s already one gas-fired power station on the banks of the River Nene in Sutton Bridge and consent has been given for a much large one to be built nearby, although WASPG is asking the Government to rethink that decision.

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