Spalding NFU Joint Agent asks ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’

Andrew Cross.
Andrew Cross.
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Although perhaps showing my age a little too much, the title of this article and indeed a memorable hit by The Clash from the early 80s, sums up quite nicely the decision that we will all be debating over the course of the coming weeks, writes Andrew Cross.

The EU Referendum, by its nature, will of course divide opinion within the differing commercial sectors as well as communities and indeed households alike. Human nature will mean that the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question will always be a key factor in any decision and inevitably the industry or sector you are involved in will have a large bearing on this.

My work alongside the local agricultural, horticultural community along with the wider food chain coexists with other family involvements in the NHS, Service & Manufacturing sectors. I am sure this picture is replicated around many dining tables and that lively debate is commonplace.

Two factors where there is no argument, in our household, are the need for quality information on which to base decisions rather than mere political bluster and the importance of the agricultural and horticultural sector to both the local and national economy. The outcome of the Referendum has the potential for a ‘ripple’ effect throughout the national food chain. Whilst hard facts appear to be at a premium in the national press, the NFU has commissioned a world-leading research agricultural institute to consider the impact if the UK were to leave the EU.

The findings of this report can be read in a report entitled ‘British Agriculture – The implications of a UK exit from the EU’ which has been rolled out at a series of recent EU Referendum meetings.

If you were unable to attend one of these meetings, the report is available on the NFU website