South Holland mums step up wheelie bins campaign

Wheelie bin campaigners Tracey Tugwell (left) and Deborah Weekes.
Wheelie bin campaigners Tracey Tugwell (left) and Deborah Weekes.
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Mums campaigning for wheelie bins to replace South Holland’s black and green bag collections are ready to put paper petitions in shops so more people sign up in support.

Tracey Tugwell, from Lutton, and Deborah Weekes, from Sutton Bridge, have so far collected more than 600 signatures online.

But Mrs Weekes said paper petitions will reach more people – and she hopes volunteers from across South Holland will help them put petitions in as many shops as possible.

Anyone willing to help with the petition can contact the campaigners by sending an email to

Mrs Weekes says considering wheelie bins were introduced in this country in 1986, South Holland is behind the times and it’s the only district in Lincolnshire not to have them.

“Even Shetland Borough Council has them and they are in the middle of nowhere,” she said.

Mrs Weekes says most people she’s spoken to complain about black bags being ripped open by animals and she believes people would recycle more waste if they had wheelie bins.

“On those green bags, it’s very specific what you can and what you can’t put in them,” she said.

Mrs Weekes had a fridge-freezer delivered this week and her son cut up the packaging, putting it into two green bags.

“When I looked outside, only six or seven other people had put their reycling out, which tells me people aren’t recycling properly,” said Mrs Weekes.

She says councils earn money from recycling and South Holland would earn more cash if people recycled more of their waste.

• The council recently said its priority is to continue weekly collections rather than a fortnightly or less frequent service using wheelie bins.

• You can find the petition on

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