Repairs to start on Moulton crater

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A collapsed sewer is the cause of a crater that has been the talk of villagers in Moulton.

Speculation grew after a six foot wide hole appeared at Moon’s Green in front of a row of garages.

When the Spalding Guardian posted a request on our Facebook page for theories it attracted interest from more than 2,000 readers. Theories ranged from an old salt mine to a brick pit or a former pond.

Keith Welch thought it could be an old escape tunnel running from the church. He said: “One in Whaplode runs from the church to Eagle House and Irby House. The church denies it exists, but the owners have been inside and walked them.”

Nigel Robert Burch said: “Tunnels are a myth due to a high water table. I would think a brick pit or old dew pond are the most likely.”

However, this week Anglian Water (AW) confirmed the cause was in fact a collapsed sewer.

A spokesman said; “The sewer is the last stretch on its way to the pumping station, which is why it hasn’t affected anyone’s water supply.

“Our engineer has visited the site and a number of power cables will have to be removed to make the area safe before work to repair it can start.

“However, we are hoping to start at the end of this week or next.”

Cold and wet weather over winter means this is an especially busy time of year for the authority.

The sewer is part of a network stretching 75,000k across the AW region. There are also 120,000k of water mains - the distance to Sidney and back.

The spokesman said: “What goes on below ground is similar to what happens on the roads with potholes. When there is a lot of water and it freezes and thaws the ground moves and cracks form.

“There are mini earthquakes happening all the time beneath us. We just don’t know about it.”

Repairs to the Moulton crater are expected to take up to four weeks. The site will remain closed until then.