Plans afoot to improve the River Welland

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Exciting work is in the pipeline to improve habitats and protect water resources on the River Welland – and local wildlife enthusiasts have been invited to take part.

The Welland Valley Partnership has published a plan setting out a new vision for the Welland Valley. The proposal includes work being carried out and identifies stretches of the river where further work is needed.

It’s the first step in a review of all activity aimed at improving the valley, and will also help link the activity of government agencies, private business, utility companies and community action groups.

The Welland Valley Partnership, led by the Welland Rivers Trust, oversees more than £2m worth of projects in towns as well as in rural areas of the valley.

The Partnership’s vision is for a river that will

l be cleaner and healthier

l continue to provide drainage and manage flood risk

l support more fish, birds and other wildlife

l meet the needs of drinking water suppliers and businesses

l provide a more attractive place for people to enjoy

l be sensitively managed by everyone whose activities affect it

Peter Barham, of the Welland Rivers Trust, said: “We want people to become a part of the partnership and do whatever they can to make the River Welland healthy and beautiful – a great place for wildlife and a fantastic amenity.

“We want to hear people’s views, suggestions and ideally offers of help to make the Welland, its tributaries and its valley a better place for people and wildlife alike.”

The Welland Rivers Trust, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Environment Agency, Anglian Water and the National Farmers’ Union have already started work on a number of major projects throughout the Welland Valley, which stretches from Sibbertoft in Leicestershire to Spalding.

To find out how they can help to improve the River Welland, people should contact or visit