Pinchbeck flower grower calls for International Women’s Day celebrations

Sue Lamb.
Sue Lamb.
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Number one peak behind us and we now steam on to Mother’s day. The flower industry has four peaks: Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas, and we hope International Women’s Day (March 8) will also feature in our calendar, writes Sue Lamb.

This is where women receive flowers and gifts from family and friends and in Russia many television programmes feature famous women past and present. The background to this day stems from 1917 when women demonstrated in St Petersburg to gain the vote and in Eastern Europe it is now celebrated as a bank holiday (this year on March 10). Today, it is a celebration of motherhood, beauty and spring and its popularity is ever increasing.

For ornamental growers these peaks create huge demands, sometimes difficult to deal with but a necessity for the industry. Although Valentine’s is dominated by the red rose, over 5million red tulips were grown locally for that one day alone. Other peaks involve more mixed colours and the desire for British is ever increasing. Before Valentine’s there was press coverage regarding air miles involved in bouquets and I appreciate customer concerns. With flooding being linked to global warming a conscious buy must be best. So please, when treating your loved ones or yourself, always look for British grown/locally grown – we growers need your support.