Pinchbeck company with control of around a third of UK cherry crop

A bumper cherry harvest is predicted this year.
A bumper cherry harvest is predicted this year.
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Everything has come together really well for the cherry harvest, says Jon Clark, director of the Pinchbeck company that markets around a third of what’s grown in the UK.

With farms and businesses growing cherries under the Total Cherry name – part of Total Produce UK – Jon has a clear insight into what has produced such a bumper harvest.

He says: “It’s down to a chain of events. One is increased plantings, with more and more people planting new varieties of cherries, combined with perfect weather, so when the flowers were out the bees were very active and the cherries formed quite nicely and through July we had very good weather conditions as well as for the harvest, so everything has come together very well really.

“It’s exactly what we wanted, the ideal scenario.”

Total Cherry markets 1,000 tonnes or so of cherries.