Pigs are on increase, agrees Sutton St Edmund smallholder

Pig keeping is on the increase.
Pig keeping is on the increase.
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Dairy and beef herds continue to shrink, but pig numbers are on the increase.

That’s according to the latest farming statistics released by Defra.

The statistics are backed up by Sutton St Edmund smallholder Suzanne Eades-Willis.

Her daughter Charlotte keeps Mangalitza pigs, which originate from the Lincolnshire Curly Coated Pig, as well as turkeys and goats.

Suzanne said: “It’s basically true because they are quite an easy animal to keep.

“You have to be careful with regulations now because you used to be able to use your own domestic kitchen waste, but you can’t do it now. But with an abundance of apples you can use that kind of thing.

“They take up a relatively small area and the meat tastes so much better because it is going to be organic.

“More people are now bringing back the slightly rare breeds, things like the Leicester Old Spot and Berkshire pigs, animals that have a traditional flavour.