Major route into Spalding blocked off after residents raise alarm about gas leak

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Residents on one of the main routes into Spalding face a further month of disruption after a second blockage was found in a collapsed sewer.

The news comes as a further blow for residents in West Elloe Avenue, which was blocked off last week following a gas leak.

Engineers have been working to repair the drain, opposite the junction with Ladywood Road, since December 12, with three-way traffic lights installed causing delays for motorists.

Two properties close to the collapsed drain have had walls removed and three-and-a-half meter deep holes dug in the front gardens.

Residents called the Fire Brigade on Wednesday after smelling gas in their homes.

One resident said: “We’ve had three gas leaks since the work started but someone called the fire brigade to this one.

“Engineers had been monitoring levels throughout the day but the smell became stronger.

“They closed the road off and told us not to light a naked flame. It was quite scary but some of the children along the road thought it was a bit of an adventure and were waving to the firemen from upstairs windows.

“We were told the work would be finished before Christmas, but now we’ve been told there is another blockage and it’s going to be another month.”

John Clare, of Anglian Water, said the job has proved challenging due to the very wet weather.

He said: “The ground beneath this part of Spalding is silt, which is prone to movement and will try to run into any hole that is dug. In addition, the excavation has had to be constantly pumped free of water.

“We believe ground movement may have been to blame for the collapse of the sewer pipe but are unable to say what caused the damage to the gas main.We are sorry for any inconvenience but it is vital that we prevent worse problems.”