Litter of piglets at Moulton Eaugate farm

Gloucester Old Spot/Tamworth cross piglets at Moulton Eaugate. Photo: SG221214-108TW
Gloucester Old Spot/Tamworth cross piglets at Moulton Eaugate. Photo: SG221214-108TW
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A Moulton Eaugate rare breed pig keeper has welcomed the arrival of a litter of Gloucester Old Spot-Tamworth crosses.

The piglets were 11 days old when our photographer Tim Wilson took this image.

Julie Watkins, of Cranberry Farm, said ten piglets were in the litter, though one was stillborn and the runt of the brood died the next day.

Julie’s 19-year-old daughter Emily arrived home from nurse training for the Christmas holiday to find the farm’s eight new additions to the farm.

Julie has been keeping pigs since she moved into the farm last year, as well as turkeys and sheep.

She experimented with Large Whites and Berkshires, and says the latter were very nice, but a little bit fatty.

Julie says: “I did a little bit of research because I wanted an all rounder and the Gloucester Old Spot is renowned for quality meat and the Tamworth for its bacon so I decided to get a combination of both, which is what I managed to source.”

The pigs were brought on to the farm earlier this year, the boar from a different litter to the sows so they could mate.

Some of the piglets will be sold at eight weeks old, and whatever isn’t sold will be kept to fatten up.

One sow will also go into the breeding stock to keep producing more piglets.

Julie says: “Gloucester Old Spots and Tamworths are rare breeds and I do like the rare breeds rather than the Large Whites. We like that Gloucester Old Spot-Tamworth combination. We like the meat and it makes nice bacon and pork joints.”

In the meantime, the piglets have got eight weeks of being fed by their mother, as well as being offered a feed of small pellets.