Let the battle of the sprouts v. carrots commence

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Brussels sprouts will still be on the menu in many people’s homes this year, but they are not the nation’s favourite.

According to research conducted by south Lincolnshire vegetable specialist Freshtime, seven out of ten people will be tucking into sprouts for Christmas lunch this year.

However, carrots are the most popular festive veg, with 73 per cent of people expecting to see them on their plate on Christmas day.

Strangely though, while many of us only think of eating sprouts on Christmas day, two-thirds of the total UK sprout consumption happens outside the festive season.

That means around 30 per cent of the UK Brussels sprout harvest appears on the shelves in the ten days before Christmas.

Sprout facts: the Brits eat more sprouts than any other nation in Europe. Sprouts are best steamed and sautéed with chestnuts or pancetta.