Learning lessons from this difficult year

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FARM management company Velcourt has warned that lessons must be learned from the difficult 2012 growing season.

In its latest briefing document examining the main points influencing the outlook for its farms over the coming months, the company, which manages around 53,000ha in the UK, says: “The 2012 growing season has shown the industry that we do not have all the answers and that longer term, more cultural planning needs to be incorporated into our farming systems.”

Key trends that have been identified include the challenges of raising working capital, continued increases in fuels and machinery costs, and ensuring that lessons are learned from the 2012 growing season as plans are made for the future.

Regional farm manager Nick Shorter said: “As a company managing and providing technical services to a wide range of farms – livestock, arable, as well as fruit and vegetables – we have to keep an eye on the overall picture, and manage our businesses accordingly.”