Kirton Holme vegetable grower on prices

Roger Welberry.
Roger Welberry.
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All producers of British food and flowers are disgruntled by lower prices for their goods right across the board.

The produce affected ranges from milk, likestock, cereals, fresh vegetables, potatoes and sugar beet to flowers.

Commodities can’t go much lower, so if we can survive these prices now, then it can only get better.

Let’s look at the positives that can help.

The first thing must be the lower oil prices, making a terrific saving on fuel consumption, especially this time of year with all the spring work to be done.

There should also be a knock-on effect on chemical manufacturers as a lot of farm chemicals are oil based. Likewise plastic, film over-wrapping and labels. Several types of packaging have oil based derivatives. Haulage rates should not need to rise.

After the election, the government could announce more favourable terms for British industry, better tax breaks and they could be more firm with the dictatorship of the supermarkets to our suppliers.

Of course, in the background, a lot of landowners have the security of high land prices.

Also on a happy positive note, spring is here. April and May are lovely months. Although it has been a struggle there is a new year starting. It’s going to get better.