Kirton Holme vegetable grower on big EU question

Roger Welberry.
Roger Welberry.
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To be in Europe or not to be in Europe: what a dilemma, writes Roger Welberry.

Being very pro-British and patriotic, the biggest part of me says, Come out. I don’t want to lose our sovereignty, our justice system, to be told how to run our own country or how to control our human rights.

Over the years, I campaigned to have sprouts called ‘British sprouts’. I did not want the word ‘Brussels’ connected to our lovely British produce because of all the bureaucracy.

Then the other part of me looks at the state of the farming industry: food has never been so cheap, all commodities likewise. With the gate prices as they are, the supermarkets warring with each other to keep prices low, and the new living wage constriction, farming is not sustainable, and so without the European subsidies entitlement to the farmers they will not survive. If we do come out, the government, whoever is in power, would have to find money to keep the subsidies going. The general public now like to have food all the year round, and not seasonable, so if that is the case it has to be imported. If we come out, will the exporting countries put tariffs on the goods?

I suppose the decider for me is to control our own borders, to severely restrict who comes in. Food for thought.