Kirton Holme grower looking for the Brexit positives

Roger Welberry.
Roger Welberry.
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Well, after all the uncertainty of the European vote, we are finally going to leave Europe, although it will take a little while to negotiate Brexit and initially there was doubt and gloom, writes Roger Welberry.

I am looking for the positives that are already showing: interest rates have dropped, good for business, not so for savers, but latest figures on consumers show that their confidence is high and they are spending withing their income.
Illegal immigration is under better control: 27,000 prosecutions and more immigrants being caught either at Channel ports or in the southern counties. More also from overstaying their work or holiday permits. Overseas investments in the country at an all time high, with America and China top of the list.
When the going gets tough, the British get going. Look at the war-time spirit. We will have to look at eating more home-grown produce.
We have brilliant universities and research establishments that can improve our technology and sciences.
The bad news is on the farming front: it looks like being a poor harvest. Barley, wheat and rape yields are all down and poor quality. Prices have moved up a little but not enough to compensate. Some sugar beet crops look yellow and have no growth left, poor yield and less money per ton this year. One potato grower forecasts potatoes will be £10 a bag at Christmas. He needed rain but after Saturday, August 27 when some areas received 60mm (2½ inches) I think that amount should satisfy him. 
In conclusion, more good news than bad news for the British future.