‘If you see anything fishy, tell us’

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ILLEGAL fishermen in Spalding must be reported, say the Environment Agency.

The authority is calling on more passers-by to report what they see in a bid to deter illegal activity in the town.

However, officers have said the vast majority of fishermen are doing nothing wrong.

Chris Reeds, senior environment officer, said: “We have received a handful of reports of people allegedly fishing illegally in Spalding over the past six months.

“Our officers regularly patrol this area, and have increased their patrols on the Vernatts Drain and on the River Welland as a result of these reports.

“Our experience patrolling the riverbanks tells us that 99 per cent of people fishing do have a licence and it is still legal to take a number of fish from the river to eat.

“However, we would encourage people who see others fishing illegally to contact us on 0800 80 70 60, and we will investigate.”

Information on river byelaws can be found at: www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homean dleisure/recreation/fishing/119393.aspx