How house of horrors sent out a DIY SOS

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Owners of a dream family home whose tenants left a trail of dirt and destruction have been overwhelmed by offers of help.

The story of the “House from Hell” at Gosberton Risegate went national after Midge Clayton and Richard Douville showed the Spalding Guardian how their four-bed home had been turned into a filthy “kennel” by dog breeders.

Within hours of the story hitting the news stand, local cleaners, decorators and residents who just wanted to help were contacting the couple and creating their own version of TV’s DIY SOS.

John Stephenson, who runs a home services business, said he was horrified to read about the mess left by the tenants.

He said: “I’d like to give a couple of days a week to help them get their house back to how it was when they built it.

“That poor couple – I can’t imagine how they are feeling.”

However, when John first visited the house he was 
not prepared for what he found.

He said: “It was disgusting. I’ve been up to my eyes in it, scrubbing poo off the skirting boards.

“I don’t know how the tenants could have let children live in this – let alone dogs.

“I’m sure I’ll never come across anything as bad as this again.”

Other businesses offering help include Tim Medford Rubbish Clearance of Spalding, On Tap Plumbing and Heating of Spalding, Dobemar Kennels of Skendlesby and Bates Environmental of Donington.

An emotional Midge said: “It’s so overwhelming how kind people have been I can hardly speak.

“When you called to tell us about John someone had stopped outside to bring us paint.

“It makes me feel very humble – especially as I’ve never been someone who asks for help.”