Homes flood risk will go on for a few days

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Residents at Surfleet Reservoir who woke up to flood water on Monday are facing the continued threat of more to come.

Water surged over the bank at around 7am and four chalets flooded while other homeowners joined Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue in a battle to pump water away from the riverbank and gardens.

Resident Valerie Bristowe (74) and her partner set up pumps and shipped water as fast as they could to a neighbouring field.

They survived a second threat at the following high tide on Monday evening.

Miss Bristowe said: “We were outside for about 13 hours. We are now clearing all of the mud, just tidying up.”

She said there was water under her floors but it hadn’t come up into her home.

“I think we might be lucky,” she said. “It hasn’t actually come up through the floor.”

Environment Agency spokesman Rita Penman said: “The chalets are at risk of flooding when very high flows in the Glen are unable to flow out to sea because of higher than normal tides currently being experienced.

“River levels are now beginning to fall but the warning on the River Glen remains in place and is likely to do so for a number of days.

“We will continue to work with residents while the risk of flooding continues.”

She said residents know what steps they need to take to reduce the risk to themselves and their properties.

High water levels in Spalding made the water taxi jetty near Hills appear collapsed, but water taxi boss Simon Clarke said part of the jetty is hinged and designed to rise with high water.