Holbeach Hurn grower urges us to eat more spuds

Simon Day.
Simon Day.
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It has finally started to feel like winter and with some recent frosts hopefully this spring the land will work down in better order than the last.

That will enable us to get crops established and off to the best start.

We have just taken delivery of our Digestate application kit, which will enable us to spread the organic liquid fertiliser that comes from a Bio Gas plant. This will be spread on growing crops, and will reduce the amount of artificial fertilisers that we as a farm have to buy. It is a great product that is full of different nutrients so we will hope to see a big difference in the performance of the crops.

We are busy moving potatoes out of store at the moment. Demand seems to be slowing down year on year and as a industry we need to try and promote the crop better.

Next week, February 16-22, is National Chip Week, promoted by the Potato Council with the aim of getting more people enjoying the humble spud in the chip form. Visit www.chips.lovepotatoes.co.uk to find out more about what’s going on throughout the week.

With January a quiet time on the farm, it fitted in very well that my wife and I had our first child, a baby boy, born on January 13. He is doing very well and the sleepless nights are not proving too much at the moment.

It will be interesting to see how agriculture has changed when he is deciding what career to pursue.