Holbeach farm and harvest progress

Simon Day ANL-141015-095722001
Simon Day ANL-141015-095722001
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As ever in agriculture we are at the mercy of the great British weather. Wheat harvest got started at the beginning of August and everything was going well and then the rains came, writes Simon Day, Worth Farms manager.

August is the wettest month of the year and this year has not been a record by any means as normally we have two or three good thunderstorms to deliver the month’s total, but this year we seem to be in the hands of the jet stream again, delivering a steady amount of rain and showers through the month, with little time in between for the crops to dry sufficiently to start harvesting again. This frustrates everyone, having invested in growing the crops for nearly 12 months and with early harvested wheat yield and quality being some of the best we have had on the farm, to watch the remainder left out in the rain is not easy, but as ever that is the joy of farming. As i write this we have just got going again and will hope to complete the harvest over the weekend.

Potato harvest is also well under way and the rain is actually helping with harvest, keeping the soil moist to ensure we lift the crop damage free, we will be harvesting until the end of October now.

We have refreshed our farm website this month, www.worthfarms.co.uk and we are also becoming more active on twitter @worth_farms These are both a great way of promoting the industry and what we do, so please take a look and let us know what you think and keep up to date with what’s happening on the farm.