Help shape uncertain future, says Whaplode Drove farmer

Ian Stancer.
Ian Stancer.
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I’m writing this while watching the Paralympic opening ceremony in Rio, reminding me of four years ago when we managed to get London Paralympic tickets, writes Ian Stancer.

It was touch and go if I’d be able to attend due to harvest delays, caused by that interminable wet summer; sure enough the weather was wet on the day so no problem.

Of course that harvest was infamous for its appalling yields due to the lack of sunshine and sure enough this harvest will also go down in history as mediocre at best, and downright poor in places thanks to the dismal June we suffered. We just have the beans to cut now and I’m optimistic, having travelled through them recently, that they ought to be better than the 10-20 per cent drop off suffered with the wheat.

On a more positive note, the dry conditions since the end of June have allowed rapid harvest progress, with no wheeling damage and largely dry crops into storage, which will save a few precious pennies .

The NFU is currently embroiled in a huge survey to find out what farmers up and down the country would like to see in government policy post Brexit. Please take the time to complete and return the survey sent out to all members and help to shape an uncertain future as we eventually drift away from the EU. Whitehall will have their own ideas but we need to influence the details to shape an uncertain future whatever the weather.