Good year to holiday in Scotland says Deeping St Nicholas grower

Nicholas Watts.
Nicholas Watts.
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Three weeks ago when the weather wasn’t very good I said that we weren’t due for a good summer as we have had three quite good ones in a row and the weather continued to deteriorate, writes Nicholas Watts.

The wettest June we have had since records began in this area – and records began in 1827 – was in 1982.

Unfortunately we are in danger of breaking that record this June and the record stands at just under 6in. As I write this on June 22 we have had 5¼in with some rain forecast every day for the next few days.

As we know, sunshine in the UK is a good tonic for people and for crops and our crops will be suffering from lack of sunshine.

To produce a good crop every crop needs sunshine when it is flowering and our wheat is flowering now.

We can all remember our wheat yields in 2012 when we had the last wet summer. Yields like that do not stack up very well with the prices we have right now. Apart from that there is blight in potatoes which is disastrous at this time of year.

Every few years we get a wet summer because the high pressure that normally sits over the Mediterranean moves north and sits over Scotland and Scandinavia so this year it would be a good time to take a holiday in Scotland.