Fosdyke young farmer talks seasons

Martin Ulyatt.
Martin Ulyatt.
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Clocks back, dark nights, cold and wet weather, winter will soon be here! I’m not a fan of this time of the year for all of those reasons. Take me back to August and onto a combine seat, writes Martin Ulyatt.

An early wheat harvest meant we could push on and it gave a large window for the late drilled crops to be harvested when they were fit enough.

Moving into September and we were getting on into harvesting sugar beet. Firm and continued dry ground conditions enabled a good start to the campaign. Sugar levels creeping up and ever increasing large yields, we have been very busy up to now. We are now around two-thirds of the way through the beet we projected to lift which puts us in a good position for the rest of the season as, now the weather is turning slightly wetter, it’s just a case of going when the ground is fit enough to lift.

All the wheat is drilled and established nicely and all land cleared with just the last of the sugar beet and veg land to plough.

On the Young Farmers front, the club is really quite strong at the moment. Currently we have 38 members, of which 12 are new this year. We have got a full programme lined up to keep us busy until next June. The club is for young people aged ten to 26 who meet every Wednesday (8pm) mainly at Spalding Constitutional Club. We’re always looking for new enthusiastic members so come along to find out more. Remember you don’t have to be a farmer to be a Young Farmer!