Flood defence work protects 500 homes

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THE Environment Agency has completed works near Boston to reduce the risk of flooding to more than 500 properties

Work on the South Forty Foot Drain cost £80,000 and has taken 11 weeks.

It included repairing the eroded toe of the river bank at a number of locations between Bicker Fen and Boston.

Coir rolls have been used. In spring, these will be planted with reeds which will grow and increase available habitat along the water’s edge.

In places, the vertical angle of the bank has also been reduced to make it safer for maintenance and for members of the public who use a footpath that runs along the top of the bank.

In addition to the erosion repair works, cattle-drinkers – stone slopes leading to a stone platform within the river at the edge of the water – have also been installed. These will help to prevent further damage being caused by the animals as they walk down the bank to drink.

To find out more visit www.environment-agency.gov.uk/floodanglian