Ewes start lambing Thursday on Woodlands Farm

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Stella Easterbrook leads ewes to the barn at Woodlands Farm in Kirton in preparation for the most exciting time of the livestock farming year.

Lambing was due to begin on Thursday for the 200 Lleyn and about 50 Lincolnshire Long Wool sheep, both pedigree flocks.

Stella was helped by her husband Bruce and Simon Smith to herd groups of ewes down Wash Road, a sight Andrew described as “like old times”.

He said: “It was a bit of old England. Along we went down the road their forebears trod hundreds of years ago. Think of the footprints, theirs and ours. The present, the past, the future.”

Andrew expects 350 lambs from the Lleyns and 400 all together from both flocks, leading to a busy time for shepherds Bruce and Stella.

Andrew said: “The ewes will be the very first to give birth on the farm.

“The turkeys haven’t started laying eggs, but it’s all about to happen.”