Effects still being felt long after heavy rains

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THE torrential rain may be over but the impact on crops will continue to be felt by growers for some weeks.

While some farmers have reportedly seen areas of fields under water and crops stunted as a result of the deluge, Brussels sprout grower Roger Welberry says the longer growing season for his crop is helping the situation.

He said: “If they are stunted they have time to grow whereas with cauliflower and broccoli there is no time.”

Roger, who farms at Kirton Holme, says the rain has done far more harm than the drought earlier in the year, and believes yields may be down as much as 15 to 20 per cent for some farmers.

Walkers Bulbs mail order manager Johnny Walkers too has not been badly affected by the rain, although he says he is two weeks behind where he should be.

He explained: “Certainly during the growing season if they are under water, during February, March and April, you will see a lot of damage and rot, but of course it didn’t start raining until June really.”

He admitted the crop wasn’t as good as he would have hoped for, with smaller bulbs taking longer to dry and likely to produce fewer flowers.