Deeping St Nicholas farmer urges readers to use their EU Referendum vote

Chris Carter.
Chris Carter.
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We are currently re-roofing our worn out grainstore which, after 40 years, had become porous and all I see during the at times biblical amount of rain falling, are the roofing contractors scuttling in and out of vans trying to escape the deluge, writes Chris Carter.

No matter, I’m sure it will be done in time for harvest.

The main talking point of the moment of course is the imminent EU referendum and to say we are getting mixed messages seems like the understatement of the year. Mr Corbyn, despite his well-known Eurosceptic views, is pressurised by his own party into promoting a reluctant Remain point of view while the Prime Minister, who comes from a PR background apparently, would seem to need several more lessons in public relations to get his message across.

The NFU has taken a neutral stance but has said that in its view “the interests of British farming are probably best served by remaining in the EU”. So if that’s neutral stance, then I must emanate from the Far East! What unfortunately is apparent is that we ‘re not getting any objective guidance from the vast majority of MPs, most of whom seem to be behaving like a bunch of petulant children determined to scare the pants off anyone who hasn’t made their mind up. Frankly for the money they’re paid by the taxpayer, UK citizens deserve better. All I would suggest is, whichever way you vote, please vote on June 23.