Deeping St Nicholas farmer’s wish list for 2015

Chris Carter.
Chris Carter.
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We reach the end of the year and while many winter drilled crops look reasonably promising it’s probably the politics of agriculture and horticulture that occupy most people’s minds at this time of year, writes Chris Carter.

May I suggest a ‘Magnificent Seven’ wish list for those in food production next year?

Common sense from RPA so that during the initial registration period they will stop moving the goalposts weekly.

Prices of commonly produced commodities grown in Lincolnshire can actually start to reflect production costs.

Acceptance from the Government that withdrawal of the majority of our crop protection armoury will affect yields and profitability.

Realisation that the countryside is not a playground and should be treated as a food production factory.

Those who live in rural areas need to understand that tractors on the road aren’t there to create traffic disruption but are actually bringing foodstuffs from place of production to the market.

Let us try to live harmoniously by attempting to keep roads clear of mud which is dangerous, irritates many drivers and should embarrass us all.

Let’s hope the NFU can manage to establish decent lines of communication with the Government to at least allow them to operate with the same effectiveness as the Soil Association etc.

May I wish you all a very happy and more profitable new year.