Deeping St Nicholas farmer on hare coursing

Chris Carter.
Chris Carter.
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Much has been written in this newspaper about hare coursing and the manner in which criminals come to this area to indulge their so called sport, writes Chris Carter.

After a lamentable start to this year’s ‘season’, Lincolnshire Police now appear to have their house more or less in order and seem to be much more aware of the problem and the distress and hurt it causes to country folk.

Sadly many in our urban conurbations are now questioning whether all this rushing about in the countryside is conducive to orderly policing in our towns; in other words they are concerned the balance has tilted the wrong way and they wonder whether this menace is as threatening to public order as is portrayed by the NFU and other rural organisations.

I would ask those who might feel this to consider this:

How would you feel if a gang of five or six burly, mud-encased men and their dogs turned up and parked their cars on your front lawn or across the driveway, broke down the garden gate and let their animals rip up flowerbeds and lawns as well as chasing the family pets? For good measure they might also break down the boundary fence or hedge and rampage through your neighbour’s garden as well. You would feel intimidated and threatened and would rightly expect the police to attend.

Unfortunately it is the nature of farming that neighbours are not five or ten yards away but probably ten times that or more. As a result the level of intimidation and fear is that much greater, especially when you consider that the police are town based and very probably will take ten or more minutes to appear even if they do actually know where they are.

The job of the police is to maintain public order whether in the town or countryside and when they get this wrong we are all correct in taking them to task – as many local farmers have.

The recently revamped Business Watch has been helpful in alerting many to suspicious vehicles seen in our area but occasionally this gets it wrong too. I will leave you with this very recent alert received: ‘Land Rover, green with white roof and discoloured door, no registration number – do you know a vehicle that fits this description?’

Well yes actually, probably several hundred.