Crowland compost business creating Energy and Recycling Park

Managing director Andrew Riddington (second from right) at a local farmers' conference on sustainability earlier this year.

An organic composting business and nursery at Crowland has had plans approved to cover 24 hectares of land with solar panels.

The panels, together with a planned anaerobic digester plant and biomass boiler, will lead to the creation of an Energy and Recycling Park at the site of Organic Recycling Ltd and its sister company Bettaland.

Now the business, run by managing director Andrew Riddington, is looking for a growing partner to take over additional glasshouse space – and benefit from the enormous energy savings offered by the renewable energy complex.

A company spokesman said: “Up to 40 per cent of the production cost of items grown under glass can be in the cost of heating. The energy for this will be sourced from the renewable energy complex on the farm.

“In addition, compost produced from the existing green waste recycling facility on site can be used as a growing media, also reducing the carbon footprint.

“Rainwater can also be harvested on site for reuse.”

The spokesman went on to say the total energy plant would reduce CO2 emissions each year by 28,000 tonnes – equivalent to taking 11,000 cars off the road.

He continued: “The glasshouse will be used to potentially grow vegetables or plants that traditionally would have to be imported from warmer climates, saving vital resources.

“The project will create further jobs in the area, bringing the total number employed to around 30 and will divert up to 150,000 tonnes of material each year from going to landfill.”

There are opportunities for someone to run their own business from the eight hectares of glass or work in partnership with Organic Recycling Ltd. Email

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