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Will Tyrrell.
Will Tyrrell.
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Cowbit grower Will Tyrrell

Unfortunately nothing seems to have changed for the better though, with prices at the shops falling at a much slower rate than those at the farm gate did.

It amazes me how the speed of change is dramatically faster when the difference is in the opposite direction. This has been demonstrated very recently with fuel.

Everything seems to have come through the winter reasonably well and is starting to grow with the ever so slightly warmer weather. With nights pulling out and the hours of daylight increasing, it’s time to look forward to a new growing season and a fresh start.

After the trials and tribulations of marketing over the last year let’s hope this new season gives us a chance to hopefully redress the balance so we all, producers and retailers, make a healthy, fair living.

At the time of writing we have started spring drilling, with a small area of flowers and spring wheat sown. The debate at the moment though is when to drill the sugar beet. Conditions seem ideal at the moment except for the temperature, and discussing this with father, some years he has seen drilling early pay off, with others being a disaster. As people in the industry know, decisions like this occur every day. Sometimes they pay off, some they don’t. But as we often say, if the job was easy, everyone would be doing it.