Cowbit young farmer talks about the discrepency between farmgate and till prices

Will Tyrrell.
Will Tyrrell.
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Historically, farmers have had a reputation for complaining, writes Will Tyrrell.

This complaining doesn’t make any difference to the situation, but it does make the farmer feel better.

I’ve not felt a recent need to complain until I visited Morrisons in Pinchbeck. While there, I noticed they were selling loose potatoes at £2.49 per kilo. This translates to £2,490 per tonne! I’m a firm believer that everyone in all parts of the food chain needs to make a living, but an increase of over 2,000 per cent on what the grower is getting seems slightly greedy.

Instead of just complaining as growers I think we should be educating consumers. In their eyes, especially after looking at those prices, potatoes are an expensive food, which potato growers know at the moment they aren’t! This is also the case with other produce.

The consumer usually doesn’t realise this is happening, and when they hear the grower complaining about prices they are paid, they look at the price they are paying in the supermarket and connect the two. The more people who understand this the better. This is when consumers buying direct and local can really help.

Work on the farm is reasonably quiet and up to date, with some sugar beet left to harvest and the following wheat to drill. Between grading potatoes we are also working through the list of odd jobs and repairs so we are ready for next season.