County blows cold on wind farms

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COUNTY council leaders yesterday voted to halt the “unrestrained invasion” of wind turbines across Lincolnshire.

The ruling executive adopted a tough stance to stop a county known for big skies and uninterrupted views from becoming an industrial landscape.

Council leader Martin Hill said: “There’s been a proliferation of wind farms across Lincolnshire in recent years, and we feel enough is enough.

“Although we understand the need for alternative energy and are not opposed to all wind farms, we remain unconvinced by the questionable science behind them.

“Not only are these things spoiling our countryside for future generations, they could also seriously damage our tourism industry – who wants to spend their holiday looking at a 400ft turbine?”

Key points in the executive’s policy are protection of historic buildings like churches – so turbines are not built nearby – and protection of homes.

It wants to stop turbines going within 2km of a single home or within 10km of a village with ten or more homes.

l The county council is a consultee on planning matters so whatever it decides will be treated as guidance. District councils decide applications for wind farms under 50Mw and bigger ones go to the Secretary of State.