Councillors plotting to get Anglian Water to act

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IDEAS are flowing from councillors who want to shame Anglian Water into cleaning up its act in Spalding.

The shabby Chatterton Water Tower, the stench from Spalding Sewage Treatment Works and Hawthorn Bank Pumping Station and litter strewn in St Thomas’s Road are long-standing complaints.

But so far the company has done nothing to put things right.

Speaking at Spalding Town Forum, South Holland District Council leader Gary Porter wanted to start open-season on the company by inviting residents to “come up with the worst thing” about Anglian Water and win a year’s supply of bottled water.

Coun Howard Johnson said: “I know exactly where Gary is coming from and I totally support it.”

But Coun Johnson said councillors already know what the worst things about the company are.

Coun Porter said his idea might win national publicity “and then somebody in Anglian Water will get a rocket up their backside”.

He continued: “It’s the irony of giving a year’s supply of bottled water.”

But there were no backers for the competition.

Anglian Water has refused to repaint the run-down Chatterton Water Tower – one of Spalding’s major landmarks – because it claims the job will cost £250,000 and says it hasn’t the cash.

Coun Gary Taylor told the forum several months ago he had found two local firms willing to do the job for far less.

He told Wednesday’s meeting that one of them, Cleanfresh from Gosberton, could do the job for one quarter of the price given by Anglian Water.

Coun Taylor said David Levins, from Cleanfresh, had met Anglian Water and offered a free of charge trial.

He said the company had cleaned buildings before and felt surface dirt was the main problem on the worst side of the building.