Council to look at wind turbine in Spalding

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COUNCILLORS will look into building their own wind turbine – but would prefer not to put it at their Spalding headquarters.

South Holland District Council’s cabinet met on Tuesday and discussed a proposal by youth councillors, who felt that putting a turbine up at the Priory Road offices would send out a powerful message to taxpayers and could make the council money.

Cabinet members felt that, if a turbine would make enough money, it would be better to look at putting one at the council’s West Marsh Road depot near to Spalding Power Station where there would be less impact on the landscape.

They would instead prefer to look at solar panels for Priory Road.

South Holland Youth Council chairman Richard Skells spoke at the meeting about why he thought a turbine would be a good thing for the council offices.

He said: “It would show to the community that you are doing your bit and that you are taking a lead. You have a good track record on green issues and recycling and this is the next natural step.”

Figures prepared by the youth council suggested that the turbine would cost up to £50,000 and could have a net gain of £10,000 to the council.

Members questioned those figures and will ask officers to look at a business plan for building a turbine, with data on wind levels and the amount of energy that could be produced at West Marsh Road and Priory Road.

They pointed out that the Priory Road office is in a conservation area, which may make it difficult to put up a turbine there.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones said the council had a duty to protect the town just as much as it did to set a good green example.

He said: “I think you have to think very carefully about what you are putting in the middle of an area like ours and that you are not setting a bad example rather than a good one.”

Members praised the youth council for their work, which followed a young person’s “peer review” of council services last November.

Council leader Gary Porter appealed for members of the public to express their views on whether they would prefer Priory Road or West Marsh Road as a site for a turbine.