Council leader’s anger at failed fuel deal

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FURIOUS council leader Gary Porter has sacked off the consortium of companies promising cut-price gas and electricity for South Holland residents because it failed to deliver on time.

Now he’s hoping the district council can throw in its lot with a 13-strong group of councils headed by Peterborough City Council, which is aiming to buy cheaper gas and electricity, or go into a partnership with Leeds so South Holland residents can get big discounts through a successful power purchasing firm called iChoosr.

Around 2,000 South Holland residents registered an interest earlier this year when Coun Porter announced a consortium was offering 15 per cent discounts and he is determined they – and others who are interested – will still get a cut-price deal.

The consortium’s scheme was due to be unveiled in May with a “Battle Bus” at the Flower Parade, but then everything went on hold until this month because the consortium wanted its smart meters ready for installation.

Coun Porter heard last week the consortium boss was “no longer about” and a director said the scheme couldn’t get off the ground until next year.

He said the firms involved – Nationwide Electricity, Nationwide Solar and A Shade Greener – were all out of the same Rotherham stable and they had set up a new company, Nationwide Power, to deliver the project.

“I am used to dealing with people who promise loads and deliver little, but I really thought these guys had something about them,” he said. “I have killed it. To all intents and purposes, I have thrown my toys out of the pram.”

Peterborough City Council’s group of local authorities includes the London Borough of Havering, Hertfordshire County Council and Manchester City Council and should potentially deliver massive purchasing power with many thousands of households eligible to sign up.

iChoosr’s collective switching model has been so successful in Belgium it has bought power at a lower rate than the Government’s social tariff.

Coun Porter now wants even more South Holland residents to register because bigger numbers mean even cheaper deals.