Centrica gives pledge on sea defences at Sutton Bridge

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Energy company Centrica is promising to continue monitoring a crack that appeared in sea defences at Sutton Bridge after it laid wind farm cables through the embankment.

Sutton Bridge Parish Council raised concerns about a 20mm wide crack on the seaward side of the defences and asked for an assurance that the sea defences will be made good and kept structurally sound.

Councillors are doubly concerned because the sea defence is due to be breached again by the same company when it lays cables for the Race Bank Wind Farm.

Centrica’s specialist engineering company, Halcrow, is monitoring the site and carried out an inspection last month and will reinspect in June.

Emily Walker, from Centrica, told the council: “Halcrow is monitoring the crack on the seaward berm, but it has confirmed that it is not likely to affect the structural integrity of the defence.

“If the crack is noted to have changed at all since the December report, then a further recommendation will be made at that time with this then to be agreed with the Environment Agency (EA).”

She said there’s an agreement for the company to maintain the sea defences to the EA’s satisfaction over a seven year period following the installation of the cables and will do repairs if there are any changes that “constitute an impact on the structural integrity”.