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Edward Gent ANL-141231-153748001
Edward Gent ANL-141231-153748001
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GROWERS: By Edward Gent

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a happy New Year.

At this time of year when many people have a well earned break some people have to work to provide essential services, notably the emergency services who we all rely on.

Obviously people need feeding every day and in this country we are lucky that we have a good environment and the wealth to sustain our agricultural and food industry to supply the needs of the public.

The food industry is a very big part of the country’s economy and supplies a vast array of commodities that the consumer can take for granted.

Just think of all the food on the supermarket shelves and look at the queues of people at the checkouts at this time of year.

The supply of food and related products takes a vast amount of work all through the year. We shouldn’t take for granted the food that is so abundant in this country.

Spare a few minutes to think of all the work that goes into providing this plentiful supply, from seeds being developed and sown, animals being born, crops and stock grown and tended through to commodities being processed and packaged into the products we recognise. Many hours of work is then needed to deliver the products to the consumer.

The agricultural industry is a big employer with many options and opportunities.

Thousands of people are involved daily and every job is important to get final qualityproduct.

We need many more young people to get involved.

To bring their enthusiasm and skills that are needed to push the industry forward, to keep up the pace of the new developments and ideas.