Buzzards making welcome return to South Holland

Buzzards are being seen in South Holland once again.
Buzzards are being seen in South Holland once again.
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The myths surrounding buzzards have been busted by a wildlife expert.

Which is a good thing, as they are on the increase, as acknowledged by a local farmer who took this picture of nine of them spiralling above his farm. However, the farmer doesn’t want to be identified – and in turn the location of the buzzards – because of their bad reputation.

The farmer said: “These birds are liked and disliked in equal measure and a considerable number of nests are disturbed by humans each year.”

RSPB Lincolnshire Wash Reserves visitor services officer Chris Andrews said the birds’ numbers declined in the 1960s as a result of DDT spray moving up the food chain, and myxomatosis in rabbits.

Chris said: “They are now re-claiming land where they used to live and farmers and everyone else are starting to see them again.

“The reason they are disliked is because some people think they take game birds, chickens and things like that, but the amount of game birds they would catch themselves would be miniscule, but often reputation far outweighs the facts. Buzzards shouldn’t be disliked, but unfortunately for some people it’s more out of bias.

“In terms of diversity of our wildlife here in Lincolnshire it is great to see them back again.”