Ambitious plan to double food and farming sector’s economic contribition

Lincolnshire is market leader in the agri-food sector.
Lincolnshire is market leader in the agri-food sector.
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Plans have been unveiled that will see the food and farming sector in Greater Lincolnshire double its contribution to the economy.

The ambitious plans for the county’s food industry have been drawn up by the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

By investing in skills, knowledge and production capacity, the partnership predicts the agri-food sector will double its economic contribution by 2030.

Its Agri-food Sector Plan confirms Greater Lincolnshire as a market leader, with ten per cent of English agriculture, five per cent of UK food processing jobs and 70 per cent of the UK fish processing sector based in the county

Prospects for future growth are positive, with large increases in global demand predicted.

The partnership’s plan to achieve its goals recommends the creation of an industry-led food board, a new sector skills plan, water supply plan and investment in transport infrastructure.