£250m green power station plans closer

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THE FIRM behind a £250million new green power station at Sutton Bridge says its plans are still on track – and expect to formally lodge them with councillors in the late summer.

Peterborough Renewable Energy Limited (PREL) had hoped to submit plans for a 64-acre energy park between Chalk Lane and the existing power station by the end of last year but has not yet done so.

PREL told the Spalding Guardian this week that it has been focussing on getting its plans for a separate green power station at Peterborough up and running first.

The Peterborough plans are on a much larger scale – worth about £450million and creating 81MW electricity compared to 48 at Sutton Bridge – and should begin construction in July.

Director of planning and development John Dickie said: “We are due to make a groundbreak in July. We are further behind on Peterborough than expected but as soon as we are on site that will free up a lot of our time up to progress the planning application in Sutton Bridge.

“I would expect plans to be submitted late summer this year and in the meantime we continue to talk to local people – I did a presentation to councillors just before Christmas – and keeping everybody up to speed.”

Mr Dickie said the complexity of the Peterborough site and the economic climate are the cause of the slower than expected progress.

PREL uses waste to create the energy in 5MW units – a selling point that Mr Dickie feels makes the plan more acceptable to people than big incinerators, such as the one proposed for King’s Lynn.

At public meetings held last year concerns were raised over the possible increase in heavy goods traffic, noise and the overall effectiveness at the site – which is set to power homes and businesses on the Wingland Estate.

Mr Dickie is confident that the plans will be passed and said: “I am a born optimist and I am always confident that our applications, wherever we make them, will be considered favourably.

“It’s always hard to predict planning but given the responses we have had to date from the local authority and I am cautiously optimistic.”