Enthusiast plans charity car meet for community

Modified car enthusiast Thomas Cort (20) is organising a Help for Heroes charity car meet in Spalding.
Modified car enthusiast Thomas Cort (20) is organising a Help for Heroes charity car meet in Spalding.
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A modified car enthusiast hopes to change people’s minds about the craze by organising a charity event in Spalding.

Thomas Cort (20) wants to prove that he and other enthusiasts, branded “boy racers” by angry residents fed up of revving engines and screeching tyres during the night, care about the community by raising money for Help for Heroes.

The charity car meet is being planned for November 16, just days after Remembrance Sunday, when the community is invited to see a range of modified cars and meet their owners.

Thomas, who lives in Spalding, said: “I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while as I’ve done a few car meets in the past.

“With all the stuff that’s been going on, some really bad things were being said and I thought something should happen sooner rather than later.

“I want everyone to unite together, not just car enthusiasts, but the police, press and everybody to show that we’re not at war.”

Thomas confirmed that he was talking to police about staging the event on Holland Market car park between 8.30pm and 1am, although he hadn’t yet approached managers of the shopping centre.

He said: “I’ve had nothing but rave reviews about it from the people I’ve spoken to and they’re very excited about it.

“A couple of guys in the armed forces are coming down, as long as they’re not on duty, but I still have to write to the people who run Holland Market and tell them that the meet is for charity.”

Thomas is being backed by his dad Tom Cort (56) who runs Corty’s Customs in Whaplode and said: “My son is doing a good thing because everybody needs to get together, rather than upset people.

“Spalding doesn’t have anything like this and it would nice to think that we can get the town and villages to all become as one at the car meet.

“Thomas has made me very proud by organising this and people don’t have to own a car to come down.”

Michael Moran, UK representative for Holland Market owners Corbo Properties, said: “Holland Market is a private car park and I have not received any requests with regards to any such planned event.

“That is not to say I do not support a charity such as Help for Heroes, quite the opposite, but the interests of our retail tenants is my priority.

“Aside from that, matters such as litter, noise and any general disturbance are also concerns for the police and the local neighbourhood.”