Empty beer cans in Spalding's Abbey Path.
Empty beer cans in Spalding's Abbey Path.
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FED-UP Spalding Guardian readers are demanding action after our stories about cheap booze on sale in a Spalding town centre shop and an alleyway dubbed the “path of horrors.”

Residents are calling for CCTV, more coppers on the beat and a total ban on street drinking to stem what they see as an unstoppable tide of drunkenness, drug taking and rowdy behaviour sweeping Spalding town centre’s streets.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was last week’s story about discount health and beauty store Savers selling wine at £3.99 a bottle and cut-price beer.

There has also been a strong reaction to Tuesday’s Free Press story about Abbey Path, which is becoming a magnet for drug dealers and addicts.

Your voices have been heard by South Holland and the Deepings MP John Hayes, who is set to announce in Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press details of a major fight back against anti-social behaviour in Spalding town centre.

Speaking exclusively to the Guardian, Mr Hayes echoes the frustrations of many in the town with the question “How many businesses do we need in Spalding that sell alcohol?”