ENERGY: Why are we using wood from anywhere?

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There are two articles I have found interesting in your paper this week. 1 – Experts to probe biomass power station plans’ and 2. The South Holland District Council recycling team’s article ‘Energy from waste’.

Last week we read that the biomass powerstation would be fuelled by wood. Firstly obtained from this country and later imported from abroad.

Having read on many occasions about the effect the loss of the rain forests due to all the woods being cleared, and the effect that this is having on the environment and global warming somewhere there seems to be a point missing. Why are we contributing to these problems by using wood from anywhere?

If the proposed plans were substituted by another EfW process (direct combustion) plant, as described by Laura Simpkins, would this be better than using all the wood? Also serving a useful purpose by having a sustainable source of fuel?

Not being an expert on the subject, traffic might be the same but imports would be less and the economy better off. Just fuel for thought.

Byron Hahn