EMAS creates 80 new jobs to meet needs

EMAS are recruiting up to 80 frontline staff to cope with increased demand.
EMAS are recruiting up to 80 frontline staff to cope with increased demand.
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East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) is creating 80 new jobs to cope with rising demand and calls to improve its performance.

The region’s ambulance service is bringing back the role of ambulance technician, phased out about two years ago in favour of ambulance care assistants to support paramedics employed by EMAS.

An EMAS spokesman said existing ambulance care assistants would be promoted to ambulance technician posts “within 12 months”, leaving 80 vacancies for the assistants’ roles.

The spokesman said: “The EMAS Board recently decided to re-introduce the role of ambulance technician within EMAS.

“In terms of clinical skills, this role sits in-between those of ambulance care assistant and paramedic.

“The posts will be filled by existing staff moving up from ambulance care assistant level, both by promotion and external recruitment.

“Within 12 months, we aim to have a further 200 staff appointed to ambulance technician posts and when the ambulance care assistant posts that become vacant are filled, it will give us a net increase in frontline staff of 80 across our patch.”

In December. EMAS received more than 15,500 calls in Lincolnshire alone from people needing emergency or urgent treatment.

About 58 per cent of those, or just over 13,700, were dealt with by paramedics and ended up with patients being taken to hospital, while the remaining 42 per cent were assessed or treated at the scene.

The recruitment drive also comes after figures obtained by the Guardian last month through a Freedom of Information request showed that 61 ambulance staff had time off work with stress in 2013-14, compared to 37 in 2012/13.