ELECTION VIEWS: We share a common humanity

General Election letter
General Election letter
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I’d just like to thank you for publishing all my letters on the run up to #GE2017.

Although I have experienced some unpleasant comments from the usual suspects, who like to remain anonymous, and a whole letter dedicated to my “moaning” about election results” most locals are receptive to my point of view even if they disagree with it.

This is how democracy works, we listen to each other respectfully and come to an agreement in a civilised manner.

I’d also like to thank the people of Spalding for responding favourably to our Labour Party campaign in the Market Place on Saturday.

We had a number of people requesting to leaflet on our behalf; one lady very keen to join our Women’s group, hosted by the lovely Jennie Thomas; still others keen to join our Labour Party as well as pledging to vote for our fantastic fantastic parliamentary candidate, Wojciech (Voyteck) Kowalewski.

We also made time to chat with John Hayes and even posed for photos with him to demonstrate that we may disagree on each other’s politics but we share a common humanity and treat each other with respect.