ELECTION VIEWS: Questions asked to prime ministers

General Election letter
General Election letter
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This election reminds me of two questions I have asked in annual conferences of the LOcal Government Association in the last decade.

I have asked two questions of prime ministers, one Labour, one Conservative!

The first one concerned the 36 per cent of their salaries that we, the taxpayers of the United Kingdom, pay into their pension fund each year, far exceeding any other public sector pension scheme. The Labour premier said that their employment was somewhat ‘insecure’, as though they did not choose it!

I later asked the Conservative one, Mr Cameron, why MPs were paid £1.08 per mile travelling expenses, when councillors and others in the public sector were reimbursed much less than half that sum. The wonderful reply from the Right Honourable premier was that he had to ‘drive long distances’!

I would not touch either party with a barge pole after that!

So few of our elected MPs have ever done a day’s work of any sort, other than politics, that we have become nationally the worst run country in the western world.