ELECTION: Reason for win was obvious

Theo Lawless-Hughes
Theo Lawless-Hughes
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By 1pm on Friday, May 8, it was all over. The Conservatives had won a Commons majority with a margin of four seats. Winning St Ives from the Liberal Democrats just after lunchtime seemed a formality.

Here in South Holland and the Deepings, the result had been known since around 5am – a safe Tory victory, the constituents secure in the knowledge that John Hayes, a proven Member of Parliament, would continue to serve them for another five years.

Why did Britain vote, not just for the Conservatives, but for a Conservative majority? Well, the answer is clear – they promised the electorate policies that will sustain for another five years: an EU in-out referendum, a chance to buy their house through the ‘right to buy’ scheme, increased NHS spending to £8 billion by 2020 and a pledge to negotiate new laws with Brussels to secure a fairer future for Britain.

And they proved they can deliver by rebuilding a shattered national economy left by a Labour government which admitted they spent all of our money.

Many will be disappointed that a ‘purple revolution’ did not sweep Britain. Many will be disappointed that the Conservatives have returned to Downing Street, some even more disappointed that they are free without any tether, such as the Liberal Democrats holding them back.

Why? Because the Conservatives have proven that they are the only party that can deliver their promises. The Lib Dems slowed the Conservatives down, slowed the course of change, and now they are gone – the Conservatives can deliver real change for a brighter, more secure future.