ELECTION LETTERS: More to politics than blaming immigrants

It's the General Election this Thursday
It's the General Election this Thursday
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One doesn’t need an opportunist ‘anti left’ party like the Lib Dems to demand a second EU referendum just because it’s their only political mantra these days apart from providing a buffer for the establishment in case Labour turned too left wing. It’s just plain common sense anyway whether pro Brexit or pro remain.

What current Lib Dem leader Tim Farron should be advocating is not a second referendum but a proper referendum based on the economic consequences and issues relating to Brexit that are written on the ballot paper in questionnaire form rather than a simpleton binary choice like ‘leave’ or ‘remain’ that had nothing to do with democracy but solely to manipulate national chauvinistic sentiment and political apathy.

If that bores to death readers of the likes of pro-Brexit newspapers Daily Express and Mail, then it might galvanise them into thinking there is more to life and politics than simply blaming immigrants and UK membership of the EU all the time.

The whole hyped-up EU referendum was only granted to the masses in the first place not because of the antics of Tory pressure group UKIP but to obscure Tory divisions and economic free market failure, a record high national debt, to predictably exploit Labour’s divisions and of course to use EU membership and immigration as a scapegoat for all UK’s economic problems.